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Precise Vision



We have the latest modern diagnostic technology to look after your eyes. Equipment such as OCT scan, which is able to examine deep inside and behind the eye to detect Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and Diabetic eye disease in their early stages.

We also have the Autorefractor, a special eye test machine that automatically determines your glasses prescription. This makes the eye test stress free for the patient. It is useful for everyone, particularly for the elderly and children. Many Illawarra residents who speak English as a second language find this technology very beneficial. The optometrist still fine tunes the result to ensure accuracy.

Once we have thoroughly examined your eyes and made sure that they are healthy, then if you need glasses, we will prescribe them for you.

We prescribe lenses made by Nikon and Essilor, the leaders in lens technology from Japan and France.

After thoroughly examining your eyes with the latest diagnostic technology and a careful frame selection process, we simulate your prescription in your chosen frame, taking all the necessary measurements with a special dispensing machine. This ensures a high degree of accuracy so your glasses are custom made to suit your exact needs, giving you clear comfortable vision.

Precise Vision
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