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Optometrist Wollongong

Come and see the difference Precise Vision can make for you.

Working as your local optometrist in Warrawong, Wollongong, and the surrounding areas, our team has offered continuous eye care services since 1989. This means you will see the same optometrist every time you visit our practice.

Whether you’re looking for contact lenses, stylish frames, or sports glasses in Wollongong, we will provide a solution for your eye care needs.

The Best Care from Wollongong’s Local Optometrist

Precise Vision utilises the latest technology to offer comprehensive eye examinations. We screen for macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease, as well as offering glaucoma eye tests in Wollongong.

If you require glasses, our team can offer custom made lenses and stylish frames to ensure optimal comfort and visual clarity. We also offer sports glasses and sports goggles to match your active lifestyle.

Looking for clearer eyesight without glasses? Ask our team about contact lenses. You can visit our practice in Warrawong, a short drive from Wollongong. Our patients can also order contact lenses online via our website.

Optometrist with a Passion for Children’s Vision in the Wollongong Region

For the best performance, children should have an eye test before they start school, and regularly thereafter.

To organise a kids’ eye test near Wollongong, come and visit Precise Vision. Following a comprehensive examination, we can implement preventative measures to protect your child’s eyesight. This may include special children’s glasses or orthokeratology. You can rely on our team to guide your children through the entire process in a friendly and professional manner.

Orthokeratology and Other Treatments

For some patients, improving their vision is as easy as wearing specialist contact lenses while they sleep each night. Once they wake up, they can remove the lenses and see clearly without glasses or contact lenses throughout the day.

This is called Ortho-K or Orthokeratology, a non-invasive alternative to Laser eye surgery. Visit our practice to find out if Orthokeratology is right for you.

Some of the other services we offer include:

  • Digital eye strain relief
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Scleral lenses for keratoconus patients

If you need to see an eye specialist near Wollongong, we can check your eyes and refer you if necessary. Call us now to make an appointment or book online at any time.

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